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Casualty Power Sports and Laser Fabrication is a new company created by off road enthusiasts to service fellow off road enthusiasts. We collectively have over 20 years of Power Sports experience, with a substantial background in fabrication! We are committed to providing our clients top notch customer service and quality. Our company offers a variety of services, parts and manufacturing options to satisfy any budget! No job is too big, no job is too small! Casualty Power Sports and Laser Fabrication owner, Bryan Waggoner, has been riding motocross his entire life, as well as participating in the off-road racing world. Bryan has worked at a variety of Power Sports dealerships including Kawasaki Motor Corporation. This real world experience has given him an extensive background and the ability to service any off road customer’s needs and expectations.

Laser Cutting


Our company runs 24/7 to ensure that your orders are delivered to you! Casualty Power Sports has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to meet, or exceed your expectations. We strive to deliver the highest quality parts available in the manufacturing industry.

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Custom Builds


Casualty Power Sports can help you design any custom part for your off road vehicle. We have a amazing design team that will make sure your part fits like a glove!

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Moto cross


We are a full service motocross, utv, atv and Harley. We do forks, shocks, anything from service to full motor builds.

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