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While working with a wide variety of metals, and always keeping an array of materials in stock and our laser cutting machines have the capacity to cut mild steel that are up to 3/4” thick.Laser Cutting
Here at Casualty Power Sports, we make it a priority to run 24/7 in order to ensure that your orders are delivered when scheduled! Our company strives to deliver the highest quality parts available in the manufacturing industry to keep our valued customers satisfied. We have not only the knowledge and experience, but also the expertise and equipment to either meet and/or exceed your expectations!


Our machinery has the ability to bend or form sheet metal & stock up to 12’ long.


We offer the following:
Multiple Press brakes – 1-135 ton 12’ &     2-60  ton 6’ CNC
CNC back gauging all machines
Radial bump forming, coining conventional air bending




Welding is just one of the many services that we offer at Casualty Power Sports!

We specialize in the following:
MIG- mild steel & aluminum
Spot Welding



Our company manufactures custom parts for the off roading industry’s top brands! We can do all the grinding, so you have the smoothest finish.
Thanks to our equipment and talented employees, we have the ability to grind and sand external welds for a cleaner finished product.


Unlike many other companies, we have the ability to grind and sand external welds for a cleaner, more finished product.


In order to produce clearance holes and tapping, we have the capability and experience to perform the drilling operations you need!


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Tapping is the process of cutting threads on the internal surface of a hole, which creates a female surface that mates to the required fastener being used.


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We offer an array of counter sinking services, from debarring holes, to machining relief for flat head screws.


Our company has the ability to install various sizes of PEM-Nut’s and studs for your specific equipment needs.


We offer:
Vibratory tumbling for edge finishing (burrs & carbon removal)
Variety of finishes available


Our equipment allows us to be able to shear mild steel up to 12’ long, and up to 1/4” thick.


Here at Casualty Power Sports, we have top designers to help you from start to finish with your product!

We excel in:
Design and Engineering utilizing the latest in 3D modeling
Solid Works & AutoCAD
Most forms of files accepted


Prototyping is a great way of helping you build a rough outline of the first version of your product that you can further expand upon in the future. We can help bring your product from a simple idea, to the first phases of production!

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